May 2024 Report

Faith Climate Action Plan

BMFF Leaders in Action to Embed the Faith Climate Action Plan Across Faith Settings in Brent and to Support Applying for the Brent Climate Charter.

BMFF Faith leaders met with Brent Council partners to progress the Faith Climate action plan. The Faith Climate Action Plan was launched by Brent’s Faith Climate Action Group as a resource for places of worship in Brent to use and help promote greener behaviours and sustainable ways of living. The plan focuses on key areas where the faith organisations and places of worship can have a long-term environmental impact, as well as saving money (e.g.: on energy bills) and promote a healthier lifestyle for their congregations. Outcomes from the meeting will now be collated and shared with the BMFF as it works with the Council to embed the Faith Climate Action Plan across faith settings in Brent, and to support them to apply for the Brent Climate Charter.

Holi Event in Brent


On the first day of the Hindu Holi Festival, it is traditional to have a bonfire to celebrate the coming of spring plus new life and energy. On the 24th of March, BMFF steering group members and police officers gathered for the celebrations in Roe Green, Kingsbury. Fortunately, our good friend Omid Fadakar keeps cool on all occasions!

Iftar Event at Central Mosque of Brent

Brent Central Mosque Hosts Memorable Iftar Event

We are delighted to share the highlights of a recent Iftar event hosted at Brent Central Mosque, a cornerstone of our community known for its commitment to fostering unity and understanding. The event, organized by the esteemed chairperson Dr. Riaz, brought together a diverse group of attendees, reflecting the vibrant mosaic that is our community.

The evening was graced by distinguished guests, including Mayor Sadiq Khan and MP Dawn Butler, whose presence added a touch of prominence to the occasion. Their speeches emphasized the importance of community cohesion, mutual respect, and the shared values that bind us all, regardless of our backgrounds.

Mayor Khan, in his heartfelt address, spoke about the significance of Ramadan as a time of reflection, charity, and togetherness. He commended Brent Central Mosque for its unwavering dedication to serving the community and fostering an environment of inclusivity.

MP Dawn Butler echoed these sentiments, highlighting the mosque’s role in not just spiritual guidance but also as a hub for social and cultural exchange. She praised the leadership of Dr. Riaz and the mosque’s efforts in organizing such impactful events that bring people together and promote mutual understanding.

The Iftar event was not just a time for breaking fast but also a celebration of our shared humanity. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and camaraderie, as attendees from various walks of life came together to enjoy a meal and engage in meaningful conversations.

Dr. Riaz, in his opening remarks, emphasized the mosque’s ongoing commitment to community service and interfaith dialogue. He thanked everyone for their support and participation, making the evening a true reflection of the spirit of Ramadan.

Rabbi Dr Frank Dabba Smith, BMFF Co-Chairperson, while sharing a compelling story of his experience in Gaza as a photojournalist in the 1980s, emphasised the vital importance of humanitarianism and neighbourliness to exist between Muslims and Jews here in Brent. He also stated his concern for all those who are suffering and for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state so that all in the region may have peace, freedom, and feel dignity.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of the event. Brent Central Mosque looks forward to hosting more such gatherings that strengthen our bonds and promote a sense of unity.

Let’s continue to come together, celebrate our diversity, and build a community where everyone feels welcome and valued.

'Mimouna: A Post-Passover Celebration'


On the first day after Passover, Morrocan Jews traditionally celebrate the beginning of a new agricultural cycle with Mimouna. The origins of this festival are debated but the word may be derived from an Arabic term meaning wealth and good fortune. This year, the Makor Hayim Jewish community in Willesden held a celebration on 30th April to which those of other faiths were invited. Historically, Muslim and Jewish communities have co-existed harmoniously for many centuries. A lovely evening of food, conversation including the sharing of hopes for peace was enjoyed by all present.

Vaisakhi Celebrations

On 14th April, Rabbi Dr Frank Dabba Smith attended and photographed the annual Vaisakhi Nishan Sahib flag raising ceremony at the Brent Sikh Centre in Kingsbury. The flag is reminiscent of the two Sikh flags flying atop the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. Sadly, the 13th of April is the anniversary of the brutal Jallianwala Bagh massacre committed by British led troops killing at least hundreds of innocents on a site very close to the Golden Temple in 1919.

Upcoming events in Brent