Faith Communities Outreach and
Led by Rev. Ali Taylor & Bea Jackson

The Brent Multi-Faith Forum is committed to facilitating actively collaborative relationships between Brent’s myriad faith communities, through developing mutual understanding and finding areas of common interest for future cooperation. It is our belief that there is far more that unites people of faith than divides them – whether this be in virtue or in struggle. Through this group, we aim to focus on shared values such as love, hope, mercy, and justice to try and develop closer relationships between Brent’s faith groups, and with this, find areas for cooperation between faith groups so that the lives of those in Brent and beyond might be improved. 

These efforts are acutely important in Brent given that 81% of Brent residents identify with a faith (compared to national average of 68%) and 36 different faith groups are represented. We would love for faith groups and communities who are not currently engaged with the Brent Multi-Faith Forum to get in touch and discuss how they might like to get involved.

In the coming months, we shall be hosting a range of talks, networking opportunities and much more. If this interests you or your organisation, get in touch with us via and feel free to share this information with any other groups you feel may be interested.

BMFF Peace Walk and Tree planting

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