Work with Police
Led by Rabbi Dr Frank Dabba Smith

‘Photography by Dr Frank Dabba Smith’

We are committed to ensuring that the relationship between the police and Brent’s faith groups is one built on a sense of mutual respect and understanding. It is our belief that by improving faith literacy among members of the police and establishing a dialogue between these parties, policing can be delivered in a way that is more culturally sensitive and more attuned to the demands and needs of communities in Brent. 

The central priorities of the Police Cooperation Group’s work with the police is to:

  1. improve  attitudes and prejudices held by all sides
  2.  Raise the positive profile of civilian self-help groups such as Street Pastors 
  3. Looking closely  together at stop and search practices and racial profiling 
  4. Achieve greater shared awareness and support for the movement for justice and reconciliation 
  5. Collaboration with the Brent Education Outreach Network 
  6. Provide a regular forum for faith leaders to learn more about the issues and constraints that the police face as well as sharing the concerns about the safety of vulnerable and marginalised communities 
  7. Increase awareness and tackle  the threat of terrorism and hate crime coming from right-wing extremists 
  8. Faith leaders offering their skilled support in terms of pastoral care to officers, regardless of faith/no faith

Our efforts to deliver these goals and an open and critical partnership between faith groups and the police are based around two main approaches. The first of these is through monthly liaison meetings, in which representatives of the police and faith groups in Brent get a chance to voice concerns, discuss recent or upcoming situations and events, and ways in which the police and faith groups can come together to effectively tackle societal ills. The second of these is through organising faith literacy seminars, during which members of the local police force meet with members of a faith group and are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of a given faith – affording them a better understanding of a given faith and how to more appropriately engage with local communities. These sessions have recently resumed as of March 2022”

If you have any issues that you would like to be raised at one of our Police x Faith Liaison meetings, please get in touch with us via 

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