Climate Change,
The Environment and Disaster
Led by Dr Mario Philip

‘Don Jordan of Powerful Photography’

The world is currently faced with the looming prospect of climate catastrophe and heightening political tensions – with these comes the promise of suffering, turmoil, and upheaval. We at the Brent Multi-Faith Forum wish to be proactive in the ways in which we address these challenges, salving the issues people currently face, while also developing resilience against future crises, so that present and future Brent residents can conduct their lives in joy, peace, and dignity.

While our organisation may be a local one, our duty to act is universal. The religious imperative to treat all creation with love and respect clearly establishes the need for action with a global outlook, but it is also vital to remember that the story of Brent is itself one of movement and upheaval – a borough of people pushed and pulled from near and far – and as such we also owe it to the fabric of our community to adopt an internationalist outlook by not only reducing our own contribution to climate crises, but also to address the needs of those currently displaced or disturbed by disasters and conflicts, and strengthen our ability to deal with the consequences of these crises.

This group hosted its inaugural event – “Creation, Climate and Conservation” – on March 10th 2022. We shall be hosting further talks in the coming months, alongside more action-oriented sustainability projects. Please do get in touch with us at if you would be interested in contributing to this group in any capacity – be it through resource provision, advice, provision of contacts, volunteering etc.

Climate Change and My Religion

These photos are from Brent Council’s November 2021 exhibition “Climate Change and My Religion”. Taken by Don Jordan of Powerful Photography, these photos and their respective pledges were aimed to replicate the internationalist conversations on climate change taking place at the time at COP26 in Glasgow by bringing together faith leaders from 11 different faith communities in Brent. Further, this exhibition sought to explore the ways in which faith informs our thinking about and motivation to act on climate change.

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