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What We Do

Established in 2003, the Brent Multi-Faith Forum has endeavoured for almost two decades to ensure Brent’s diverse faith communities are represented and supported to the fullest extent. We work in cooperation with not only faith groups but with community organisations, the Council and the Police to ensure the best possible outcomes for the people of Brent. Read more…


Endorse representation and active participation of the diverse faith sector in Brent


Deliver practical inter-faith and multi-disciplinary engagement and partnership


Affect positive change in faith communities, statutory services, policies and strategies

BMFF Peace Walk and Tree planting

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Faith Covenant

We are proud to uphold the values and the commitments of the Faith Covenant, “a joint commitment between faith communities and local authorities to a set of principles that guide engagement, aiming to remove some of the mistrust that exists and to promote open, practical working on all levels.” The Borough of Brent became a signatory of the Faith Covenant in 2017, and since then we have worked tirelessly to promote cooperation, understanding and openness both within faith groups and between faith groups and statutory services. 

In the years since, the relationships between faith groups and the council have gone from strength to strength, with Covid-19 affecting much closer partnerships. Brent’s commitment to the Faith Covenant and the continued close partnership between faith groups and statutory bodies was reasserted on 17th November 2021 at the Brent Civic Centre.

It was in this spirit of active  and vigilant maintenance that our attendees put forth their vision for the further promotion of prosperity, co-operation, and greater civic representation for Brent’s faith communities in the wake of the pandemic. This was highlighted by Daniel Singleton, the National Executive Director of Faith Action, who stressed that just as a dog isn’t just for Christmas, the close relationships formed between the Council and local faith groups during the height of the pandemic can not be allowed to wither and must be actively maintained by both sides. 


Brent Multi-Faith has undertaken some excellent projects in the borough, combining faith with mental health work, bringing the community together, and fostering understanding between different faiths making Brent an even better place to live. I fully support the work the Multi-Faith Forum do in the borough and look forward to seeing what the next year brings!

Cllr Promise Knight, Stonebridge Ward Lead Member for Community Safety and Engagement

'It's so great to see the great work of BMFF. We were delighted to fund them to develop Mental Health Training for faith leaders in the community & so encouraging to see how they have built on this great work'.

Elizabeth Fewkes Near Neighbours, West London

Ashford Place has and continues to have the pleasure of working with the BMFF for a number of years on raising awareness of mental health across our borough. We recognise the importance of the wider faith community in Brent, its reach across our diverse community and its effectiveness in connecting with people who experience health inequalities. The work of BMFF in developing Brent as a place of sanctuary is well recognised and respected. We look forward to working with them for years to come..

Ashford Place

The Brent Multi Faith Forum is an wonderful example of the impact that can be made in local communities when faiths work together. We are delighted that they received a certificate of recognition at the London Faith & Belief Community Awards.

Jessica Hazrati The Faith & Belief Forum

It has been great working with the Brent Multi Faith Forum in developing the Shelter of Sanctuary initiative. We were inspired by the commitment of their many members who provided warm hospitality to homeless people in Brent in a period where little options were available for this group.

Atara Fridler Skylight Director

"We at City of Sanctuary UK are very encouraged that BMFF initiated the local working group in 2018 and are striving for Brent to become a Borough of Sanctuary. We recognise the work they have been doing has a great impact in the community"

Ashley Beckett City of Sanctuary

'The dedication, empathy and level of service that the (Brent Shelter of Sanctuary) forum shows its guests during the winter shelter is incredible. The service they run saves lives, for people who are at their lowest point. The forum opens up their doors, hearts and larders to the most in need. They break bread, cry and laugh with the guests who gain confidence and self-esteem as well gaining support to end their homelessness.'

Ryan Fuke (he/him), Brent Outreach and Prevention Manager St Mungo's

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