July 2023 Report

Celebratory dinner for Tahseen

Some members managed to catch up with Tahseen recently as a show of appreciation for the massive impact she has had on the BMFF over the last ten years.
We wish Tahseen the very best in her future endeavours and hope we keep in contact.


Gifts for the Soul

What power do words have if they do not come from experience? How can I tell others to do what I do not practice myself? I identify what I need to change in myself and, with courage and determination, I keep refining my character. Let my life speak for me.

The Brahma Kumaris

Multi faith Civil Society Collaboration

Knowledge Exchange Meeting With Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

On 16th June at the Al-Khoei Foundation, a conversation was held between faith representatives and three officials from the Government of Singapore to explore issues of mutual concern. The meeting was led by BMFF Steering Group Member Mustafa Field and a presentation about the work of BMFF was given by Rabbi Dr Frank Dabba Smith, Co-Chair. This enlivening exchange featured the candid sharing of views concerning the role of faith groups in collaborating with government to address, for example, critical issues faced in London and Singapore such as racism and faith-hate crime.

(Photo: Mustafa at far left and Frank fifth from right.)

Multi faith-civil society collaboration

Srebrenica Remembrance 2023

Members of the Brent Multi Faith Forum in partnership with Brent Council, Brent residents, the Mayor of Brent, representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina embassy, and staff and volunteers from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre BHCAC gathered together at the Brent Civic Centre in a collective act of remembrance to commemorate the victims of the genocide at Srebrenica and reaffirm our commitment to standing up to hatred and prejudice in all forms. Members of our faith communities recited ‘living the lessons pledges’ and lit candles as part of the commemoration.

“Attending the memorial event was not only an opportunity to pay homage to the victims of the Srebrenica genocide but also a chance to learn more about their stories and the enduring legacy they left behind.

The event itself was incredibly well-organised, and every aspect, from the guest speakers to the moving tribute, was a testament to the dedication and hard work put into arranging such an important commemoration. I was deeply moved by the powerful speeches and personal accounts that shed light on the magnitude of the tragedy and the indomitable spirit of those affected.

Moreover, being in the presence of individuals who share a common commitment to remembrance and reconciliation was truly inspiring. The solemn atmosphere and collective reflection reminded me of the importance of standing united against hate and fostering understanding among diverse communities.”

Mayur Bakrania
BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Neasden Temple

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Refugee Week celebrations.
A huge thanks to Jacqueline our wonderful host.

BMFF & Park Royal Inpatients Project

This is big news for mental health in Faith Groups – don’t be left behind!


Brent Multi Faith Forum and Park Royal Hospital have launched the first faith mental health phone line.
The phone line project initially ran during Covid and we saw there was a continued demand for patients to have access to faith leaders

Our Faith leaders have volunteered to offer a free faith advice service to the inpatients at Park Royal Hospital, this project will run as a 3 month trial….watch this space for further updates