July 2024 Report

Reggae Tree

Keir Starmer at Kingsbury Mandir

On June 28, 2024, Sir Keir Starmer visited Kingsbury Mandir, where he engaged with the local Hindu community, emphasizing his commitment to diversity and inclusion. During his visit, he participated in traditional rituals, listened to community concerns, and highlighted the importance of cultural heritage. Starmer praised the Mandir for its role in fostering community spirit and unity, reiterating his support for religious freedom and community cohesion. His visit underscored his dedication to building strong, inclusive communities across the nation.

Windrush event in Brent

The Windrush event in Brent celebrated the rich history and contributions of the Windrush generation to the UK. Marking a pivotal moment in British history, the event honored the Caribbean immigrants who arrived in the UK on the HMT Empire Windrush in 1948, significantly shaping modern British society. Faith groups played a crucial role in supporting the event, reflecting their enduring commitment to community cohesion and social justice. These groups have been instrumental in providing support and solidarity to the Windrush generation over the years, ensuring their stories and struggles are recognized and remembered. The celebration in Brent not only acknowledged past contributions but also reinforced the importance of unity and mutual support in building a diverse and inclusive community.

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Multifaith gathering at Bishop Lusa's home

7th  July event

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